Style Spotlight: Coastal Design

Coastal Design is a style that is inspired and influenced by the coast. It helps you bring the tranquility of the beach into your home through soft tones and relaxed comfortable materials. Drawing inspiration from the sand, sea, and sky, this style evokes a sense of relaxation and peace. If calming blues and rattan furniture are your vibe, grab your favorite beachy drink and let’s dive into this oh so “forever cool” look.

Looking to bring the Coastal style to your home? Keep reading for tips, inspiration, and shop the look rooms that evoke this style.

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The color palette for a coastal inspired look includes colors you would see on the coast. From the blues in the water, to the soft cream colors of the sand, and even a subtle hint of soft green. You can see how we incorporated these calming colors in the Shop the Look Living Room above. These colors create a calming, relaxed feel that is consistent with this style. To Shop the Look of this Coastal Living Room, click here.

When shopping for furniture, keep in mind the color palette. Often Coastal inspired furniture features wood tones, or whites and blues in the upholstery. Simple patterns like ticking stripes are often found, as well as natural materials like rattan and wicker.

Coastal Dining Room Design

Another hallmark of Coastal design is the use of amazing textures. Think materials like rattan, jute, and linen. In the Shop the Look Dining Room design above, we incorporated several textural elements, including a white rattan light for above the dining room table. When these elements are mixed together, they create a cozy, comfortable vice that is easily noticeable in Coastal design. If you are wanting to mimic this style, consider adding a jute rug, a rattan side chair, or a linen upholstered piece to the mix. To shop the look of this Coastal Dining Room, click here.

As mentioned above, rattan is a common textural element in this style of design. One of the easiest ways to incorporate rattan is to use rattan side chairs. Check out my designer approved roundup of Top Ten rattan chairs below.

When creating a Coastal Design in your home, one may be tempted to take that literally by choosing pieces that scream “beach” like starfish, seashells, or signage that has the word “beach” right in it. I would encourage you to keep those to a minimum, and use coastal inspired accessories instead. One of the best accessories for any room is a great mirror. Adding a mirror with the coastal vibe is a sure fire way to incorporate this style. Check out the Coastal Inspired mirrors I rounded up below. Again, notice the textures, shapes, and colors of these mirrors that bring the outside coastal influences in.

I hope this helped you get a glimpse into what this style is all about. Remember, however, your particular style does not need to be strictly defined into one.  Mixing styles in the right way can help you create a unique look all your own. Whether you love Coastal, Modern Farmhouse, Cottage, or Transitional, we are here to help.  If you need help finding your personal design style or maybe you know your style, but just need help pulling it all together, I would love to connect.

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