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How Renderings Positively Impact Your Experience with Interior Design

I started using renderings early on in my business.  Once I realized how helpful they were to my clients and the design process, I began to perfect the art of creating photorealistic 3D renderings. 

Being able to show my clients what their space is going to look like is an invaluable tool and one that my clients appreciate greatly.  Today I will be explaining what renderings are and how I use them in the design process.

The Basics of WHAT a Rendering Is and Isn’t

A rendering is a fancy word for a digital image of a space.  Renderings can go far beyond just a simple image of a space, though.  The renderings we create here at BLI are photorealistic, which allows us to show high quality images of our clients’ interiors. 

We are able to show different angles of the room, include different finishes, colors, materials, and lighting, as well.  The best part is that our clients are able to view the space in a 360 degree tour that we provide.

Rendering created by Brandi Lyn Interiors

The Situations WHEN a Rendering is Helpful

A rendering is very helpful in many different situations.  We offer renderings to any client who wants to add this to their current design service or as a standalone service. 

Renderings are very helpful at the initial stages of a project that requires some sort of space planning.  If you are planning a new build construction or completing a renovation that requires walls being moved, renderings help you understand what the new space will feel like. 

Renderings are also used in our custom design projects to show clients what their space will look like with specific finishes and furnishings.  Whether we are designing a kitchen, bathroom, or living room, we can create renderings to show specific details that help clients envision the space.

Rendering created by Brandi Lyn Interiors

HOW Renderings Impact the Design Process

Renderings can come into play at different stages of the design process.  Many times, we begin with basic renderings to show clients the layout of the space.  For example, if a client is considering knocking down a wall to create an open floor plan, we can render the space to show them what the new space will feel like.  We also use them to show clients how certain pieces of furniture will look and feel within the space. 

If a client has a set floorplan and is not changing the layout of the space, we can use renderings after we choose finish selections to show them exactly what the space will look like.  For example, if we are suggesting certain colors for cabinetry and a particular backsplash, we can show them that exact look.  This removes all guesswork and allows clients to confidently approve designs.

Rendering created by Brandi Lyn Interiors

The Reasons WHY Renderings Benefit You

Basically, renderings allow clients to visualize what their space will look like so they can confidently move forward with the design.  It is a great way for us designers to communicate our vision, when it may otherwise be difficult to imagine.  This allows the design process to move along smoothly, which ultimately saves time and money.

If you are dreaming about a future home project but are nervous about the end result, working with a designer who is capable of providing renderings, as our services do, may be a great choice for you.  They are a great tool to help clients feel confident in their design choices and help facilitate a smooth process from start to finish.

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