How Does Virtual Design Work?

In this week’s blog post, we are breaking down the virtual design process. We get a lot of questions regarding how this process works, so it’s time to clarify! But first, let’s talk about what Virtual Design is and who will benefit from it.

Our Virtual Design Services are perfect for you if…..

  • You expect a high level of professional design advice but don’t have time to meet with a designer face to face.
  • You want a thorough, detailed design plan to get you moving in the right direction.
  • You feel overwhelmed with the decision making process and want a professional to make the hard decisions for you.

Like what you see here?  You can Shop the Look for both of these rooms.  Shop the Look

The Process

Here at BLI, we specialize in Virtual Design services. We have created a streamlined process that is organized, fun, and convenient. Throughout the entire process, our clients have access to communicating with us via our specialized design portal. We strive to keep the project moving on a timely basis and aim for a design that our clients are 100% satisfied with. Take a look at the simple steps below that detail how our 2D and 3D Custom Design Packages work. The best part? You are able to purchase a Design Package right from my website.

Our 2D and 3D Custom Virtual Design Packages are perfect for individual rooms that are getting a facelift or, even if you are starting from scratch. Take a peek below at what you will receive with these tailored services. For our 2D and 3D Design Packages, clients receive:

Room Board

Floor Plan

Clickable Shopping List

If you want a more detailed visual, our 3D Design Package is perfect! With our 3D Packages, you will also receive a realistic render of your space showing what the pieces will look like in your home.

Our 2D and 3D Design Packages are popular, but we also offer the following virtual services:

  • 1 Hour Video Collaboration: Do you have a few design dilemmas that you want immediate advice on from a pro? This one hour video consultation will be packed with value as you will get professional advice that you can put into action right away. Ideal for local and non local (virtual) clients.
  • Designer by Your Side Services: Have a larger ongoing project in the works? We can work side by side together as we see best fit. Perfect for remodel projects and new build constructions. Ideal for local and non local (virtual) clients.
Interior design books on table

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