E-Design FAQs

What is Virtual Design?

Virtual Design, sometimes referred to as E-Design is the process of working with a designer without ever meeting face to face. The process is done completely virtually via communication through our design portal and e-mail. Virtual design is still a true collaboration between designer and client, however the virtual process allows for convenience, faster turn around times, and professional advice that can be utilized on your schedule.

How do I know what virtual service is right for me?

We offer several different levels of virtual services that can meet the needs of most projects. If you are not sure which one is right for you, please email us and we would be glad to clarify.

  • 2D Custom Vision Board: This package is perfect if you want expert guidance on what items to purchase and where to place them. You will receive a vision board in 2D showing the items together, but not necessarily placed where they are to go in the room. You will also receive a floor plan showing where to place the items, as well as a clickable shopping list. 2D vision boards are perfect for any room in your home. If you choose the kitchen or bath option, a floor plan will not be included. If you are planning to keep a lot of pieces you already own, this is most likely the best package for you.
  • 3D Custom Design: This package is great if you want to see the exact items and how they will look in your space. You will really be able to visualize and get the feel for what the room will look and feel like once complete. If you are planning on starting from scratch or only using 1 or 2 pieces that you already own, this package will fit your needs. We will provide you with an image of one angle of the room. If we feel as though another angle is necessary to show a specific area, we will include that also. We pride ourselves on creating the most accurate image of your space, but some small minor details may not be able to be incorporated into the design. We do our best to make it as close as possible so that you can accurately envision your space. 3D vision boards are perfect for any room in your home. Also inldued is a floorplan showing where the items go (except for kitchen and bath) as well as a clickable shopping list.
  • Designer by Your Side: This virtual service is perfect for those larger projects that may involve ongoing support. If you are planning a new build construction, major remodel or renovation, or have a project in mind that does not fit the parameters for our 2D or 3D packages. Clients are able to purchase hours in chunks of 10, and we decide and focus on your specific goals. Then, after an initial Zoom meeting, we work through your project in phases. We are able to help with space planning, furniture and decor selections, 2D Vision boards, 3D Designs, and 360 degree tours of your space. This service is a bit more flexible in terms of what we want to accomplish. We communicate weekly to update you on the progress of your project and if more design time is needed, you are always welcome to purchase more.
  • Realistic 3D Renders/360 Degree Tours: If you are wanting the ultimate in visuals, this is the perfect option. This can be an add on service to an already purchased package, or a stand alone service. We welcome realtors, builders, and designers to utilize this service to enhance their design visions. We will include 4 realistic renders of your space from different angles, as well as a link to a 360 degree tour. If you have purchased a 2D or 3D package, we can incorporate the pieces we chose for you and create a realistic render and video showing the pieces in your space. Please note that not all pieces in the render/video will be the exact items. If it is not possible to incorporate exact items, we strive to find a very similar item that still shows the overall concept/vision fo the space.

What if I have an open floor plan?

We love designing open floor plans! If you are planning to design rooms that are connected, or open to one another, we ask that you purchase a separate package for each room. For example: A kitchen with a dining area included would require that you purchase 2 separate room packages.

What if I am planning a new build construction?

New build constructions are some of our favorite projects! We recommend that you utilize our Designer by Your Side service for new build constructions. There is so much detail that goes into a project like that, and we want to ensure that we are able to dedicate our time to you as needed. We are able to help with so many aspects of the new build process. We do recommend reaching out as soon as possible for new builds so that we can ensure you are locked into our calendar for such a project.

Where do you source items from?

We source items from popular retailers as well as to the trade vendors. We are proud to offer to the trade products in our designs. To the trade products are typically only available for designers to purchase for their clients, but because of our unique partnership with Sidedoor, we are able to recommend these products and have our clients purchase them on their own. Prices for to the trade products are never above any applicable internet minimum advertised price ‘IMAP’ (set by the manufacturer). When you shop to the trade products via SideDoor for your quality furniture and décor needs, you are supporting our small business and the interior design industry, rather than a big-box retailer. We also like to source from popular retailers like Pottery Barn, West Elm, Crate and Barrel, Serena and Lily, etc. On the questionnaire, we ask what your favorite stores are, so that we can understand your budget and style.

What about budget?

We pride ourselves in being considerate of your budget. We ask your budget on the initial design questionnaire and use that as a guideline for choosing products. There are times that we may go slightly over or under budget, depending on the room. When determining a budget, we focus on a good, better, best set of guidelines. To understand these guidelines, please view our budgeting document here. These guidelines are based on the idea that the room is starting from scratch, so if you are incorporating some of your own items, the budget may be adjusted accordingly. We view the room as whole, rather than focusing on the price of the individual products. But, we do need to know your comfort level in regards to what you are comfortable spending for the entire room design. To create a living room, dining room, or master bedroom design starting from scratch, we recommend a minimum budget of $8.000.00 so that we can ensure we are sourcing quality products and a cohesive design plan. For kid’s bedrooms, guest bedrooms, offices, nurseries, we recommend a minimum budget of $5,000.00. Kitchens and bathrooms are unique projects and budgets can vary depending on the size and complexity of the space. For kitchens and bathrooms, we are not able to calculate the total cost of materials for you. However, we are typically aim to choose finishes that fit within a reasonable budget, rather than picking extremely high end finishes. If you have any questions or concerns about budget before you request a project, please reach out to us via email.