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5 Unique Coastal Mirrors to Elevate Your Space

Mirrors are often overlooked, but they can be an incredibly useful addition to any room in your home. They serve the practical purpose of reflecting light, but they also make a space appear larger and can add a unique decorative touch. They can be the perfect layering piece or stand alone as a focal point in the room. 

If you want to create a coastal vibe in your space, one of the easiest ways to do so is by adding a coastal-inspired mirror. We have rounded up our top five favorite coastal-inspired mirrors to add that beachy vibe to your space.

Sea Coral Coastal Mirror


We love how this mirror is reminiscent of white coral, which makes it perfect for any coastal-inspired space. The wavy shape of the frame makes this mirror unique and would add a bit of texture to any wall. The Sea Coral Coastal Mirror would be perfect in a coastal-inspired bathroom. Find yours here.

Whitebriar Mirror


The Whitebriar Mirror would be perfect for a coastal-inspired Powder Room or even an entryway. We love its unique wood texture and think it would be a perfect layering piece above a console table. Grab yours here.

Josiah Woven Mirror


This unique woven mirror would be perfect as a decorative accent piece above a fireplace or even in an entryway space. Its design is coastal-inspired but could be used with practically any style. Make it yours here.

Ekwok Wall Mirror


The sculptural shape of this mirror would make it a great addition to any coastal-inspired space. It would look fabulous in an office or as a focal point above a fireplace or entryway. Get yours here.

Floral Pattern Clam Shell Framed Mirror


What is not love about this mirror?  We love its feminine details and intricate design. With pristine white sea cockles cleverly hand-arrayed into concentric bands of Nosegay-like bouquets and framed by delightful nodules of shell, this mirror is sure to add a coastal touch to any space.  It would be perfect in a powder bathroom or a girl’s bedroom. Purchase yours here.

Next time you are looking for that perfect accent piece, try using a mirror. They are perfect for adding a special touch to almost any space. If you’re ready to transform your space into a coastal-inspired oasis, we would love to help. Reach out to schedule a complimentary discovery call to get started.

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